~3-4" GFP Hypomelanistic Axanthic

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Hatch Date: November 2-5, 2023

♀️"Rose Gold" my Hypomelanistic Leucy, possibly also Homozygous Copper, all-het from my female "Almond Joy" a Subtle Mosaic MACfrom my "Strawberry" and "Cafe Mocha" and male "Honey D." a subtile GFP Hypomelanistic from Lone Wolf Lotls "Penthouse Suite" and "Mackenzie"

♂️ "Khaki" my Hypo Mel Axanthic all-het from Rainy Day Aquatics boy that was a Hypomelanistic Mel Copper het Axanthic and Albino from her "Galaxy" and "Mahogany" and her girl "Atzi" a hexa-het wild from Northern Axolotls first pairing that produced all-hets. Her Mom was from Micrquatics Pied lines and her dad was from Strohls lines. 

Together these two created a rainbow of Hypomelanistic blends of every type. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review