~3-4" Wild-Type

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We received these babies as eggs from Rocky Mountain Axolotls (Heather Leaock)

Laid 8/19/23. Hatched 9/1/23

♀️ "Fiona" a Melanoid hatched 11/16/21 raised from eggs gifted by Brandi Johnigan she recieved from Loxi Pets, produced by Onyxolotl het Copper and Leucy (mom- "Jaelyn" Melanoid het Albino produced by Onyxootl (Ben Repun) dad- a GFP Melanoid het Axanthic  and Copper produced by Rainy Day Aquatics (Emily Hoots) 

♂️ "Drustan" a GFP White Albino hatched 4/22 from Happy Hart Axolotls (Genevie Hartleib) (mom- "Ursula" a super dirty leucy het Albino and Mel from a GFP Leucy het Albino produced by Becky Arabt and a GFP Golden Albino het White and Mel, dad- "Pinto Bean - Mel Dirty Leucy produced by Orion's Axolotls  brothers to Gru and Marshmellow and from Pied lines. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review