~3-4"GFP Dirty Leucy

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We received these babies as eggs from Michaela Hall with Axolotly Adorable Axolotls

Hatch date September 5, 2022

Mom - "Sparkles" a GFP Dirty leucies from one of my pairing back January, 2021. Dad- "Dragon Fruit" a GFP Super darked gilled and dark pigmented Leucy het Axanthic from Llyod Strohl, (mom a GFP Dark gilled dirty Leucy het Axanthic and dad a very dark gilled dirty Axanthic Leucy.) And Mom- "Heart" Dark gilled Dirty Leucy produced by Twin cities Axolotls (mom-."Rose" dirty Leucy, dad- " Drago" dark gilled dirty Leucy)

Dad - "Calypso" dark gilled dirty Leucy produced by Nina's Axolotl Nursery. Mom - "Chancy" her Leucy het Albino and Axanthic. Dad- "Wooper" a GFP Dark gilled dirty Leucy het Mel. Produced by me (Mom- " Strawberry" a Dark hilled Dirty All-Het Mel Leucy, dad- "Banana" my GFP Leucy from Hawaiian Axolotls het Albino)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review