~5-6" GFP Mel Copper

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Hatch Date June 7, 2022

We received these babies as eggs from Heather Leacock with Rocky Mountain Axolotls.

Laid May 2-22, 2022

Mom - "Aspen" her dark gilled Mel Copper Leucy produced by her from, mom, "Indy" Wild-Type het Axanthic, Copper, White, and Melanoid produced by High Altitude Axolotls. Her dad is "Bonsai" a dark gilled Leucy. Hey all but Albino. 

Dad - "Nickle" a GFP All-Het Light Melanoid from my breeding. His Mom is my GFP "Strawberry Wine" from my All-Het Mel Leucy "Strawberry" and my GFP Leucy " Banana" het Albino from Hawaiian Axolotls. His Dad is "Kevin" from eggs I raised from Northern Axolotls "Platinum" and "Marcus". 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review