~4" Axanthic Copper (Possibly Hypomelanistic) *POSSIBLE ALL HET

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♀️ "Orange Blossom" labeled a Hypomelanistic Copper.

Hatch date November 10, 2021

Produced by Emily Hoots with Rainy Day Aquatics
Mom- "Mahogany" MAC from Luther's Lotls
Dad- "Galaxy" Hypomelanistic from Roofus Aquatics (mom- "Roofus" Melanoid het Copper, Albino and Hypomelanistics, dad- "Dot" Starburst Wild het Melanoid and Hypomelanistic, one of the parents was also het Axanthic and White, but unsure which)

♂️ "Dean" MAC Leucy

Hatched November, 14, 2021

Mom- "Rapunzel" long gilled Mel Axanthic Leucy from Hogs & Lotls Breeder. dad- from Kloud Nine Axolotls Copper Axanthic (mom wild- type from Micheal Dommer(mom- Leucy, dad- Copper) dad - Mel Copper from Twin Cities Axolotls) mom - from Sandy Brown - Axanthic (mom Albino, dad GFP Axanthic). She is het Copper.

Dad- "Galaxy" Mel Copper all-het from my pairing. mom "Strawberry" my Dark gilled dirty Mel Leucy het all but Hypomelanistic, dad- "Cafe Mocha" from Northern Axolotls, "Alexander" and "Rose". He is het Melanoid, Axanthic, Copper, Hypomelanistic and Leucy.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review