~4" Hypomelanistic "Popcorn" Mel Albino

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We received these cuties from Birketts Water Monsters 

Hatch date:approx Jan 25th, 2024

♀️"Angelica" is a Mel Albino that was hatched on 10.14.2019
She is het for axanthic and copper produced by Northern Axolotls (bought from Lone Wolf Lotls)

Dad "Orion" who came from eggs bred by Logan Kimball. Mom is an axanthic het copper and albino from an unknown sourse online. Dad is a copper axanthic from Strohls line. He was hatched on 10.16/10.22.2018

Mom "Spice" was from Lina's Lotls mom is a copper het mel het axanthic and Leucy (Hatch 01.20.2018)

♂️"Zenitsu" Hypomelanistic Copper from Rainy Day Aquatics.

Father "Galaxy", a hypomelanistic produced by Roofus Aquatics "Roofusand Dot"

Mother "Mahogany"  a Melanoid Axanthic Copper (MAC) produced by Luthers Lotls


(No reviews yet) Write a Review