~5-6" White Albino

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Hatch date: April 21, 2022

We received these as eggs from Happy Hart Axolotls (Genevie Hartlieb)

Mom - "Ursula" her GFP Leucy het Albino produced by Beka Ardnt

Dad - "Pinto Bean" her Super Dirty Mel Leucy she got from Orion's Axolotls. His mom - "Asteroid" a dirty Leucy with a big spot on the head from a local breeder in Florida het Mel and Albino. His dad - unknown name, a Dirty leucy she got from Kloudnine Axolotls (Jen Barton) his mom- "Galaxy" a Blue Piebald she raised from eggs she got frim a local purchase in Michigan off Facebook. His dad - "Sasuke" a Copper Leucy from Duel Exotics (Dalian Gongon Hemadez) she got from Jennifer Watts het Mel & Albino


(No reviews yet) Write a Review