~7-8" "Mermaid" Axanthic Copper Mosaic "Ruby Red"

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This is called a "Mermaid". It's unique back legs make it look like a mermaid.

"Ruby Red is an Axanthic Copper Mosaic. It is a super rare Axolotl.

It's back legs experienced a sudden change in PH that caused its back legs to develop differently.

Normally a Mosaic will sell for 4 or 5 times more than I'm selling this one for because of it being so rare and not something you can breed for, but since this one's back legs are different, I have significantly reduced its price, yet it is worth WAY MORE than a standard Axolotl

"Ruby Red" was raised here from eggs we received from Holli Walker. 

Hatch date is January 1st, 2023

♀️Mom- "Lagertha" a Light Copper fromMOD Aquatics, "Patunia" a GFP Axanthic Mel het all but Albino and Hypomelanistic and "Dargon" a penta-het Wild-Type that also produced her amazing "Kevin Wendell Krumb" split Mottled Mosaic boy. 

♂️Dad- "Shadow" a Mel Axanthic from eggs we raised here at The Mottled Lotl that we got from Brandi Johnagans "Annie" a Mel Axanthic she got fromRainy Day Aquatics het Leucy and her "Jave" a light spotted Mel Copper she got from us here at The Mottled Lotls, "Gold Flakes" (Starburst Wild-Type het Mel and Copper and "Chocolate Chip" (MAC from Strohls Penta-het Starburst Wild-Type and MAC) her White


(No reviews yet) Write a Review