~8-9" MALE Hypo Albino

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Hatch Date: November 4, 2022

♀️"Cashew" a Hypomelanistic from Lone Wolf Lotls (Marilyn Devereaux) mom - "Mackenzie" a GFP Mel Copper het White, Albino and Hypomelanistic. Dad - "Penthouse Suite" a hexa-het Mosaic (mom - "Michief" and dad - " Mayhem") Cashew is het Melanoid, Copper, White, and Albino.

♂️ "French Vanilla" a Hypo Mel Axanthic Albino het Copper from mom - "Kevin" a MAC het Hypo, Albino and White from my "Strawberry" and " "Cafe Mocha" and dad- "Stark" a Melanoid her Copper, Axanthic, White, Albino, and Hypomelanistic from Stress in a Box who got him from a local person from her. 


⚙️This clutch had a few morph so this baby should not be bred⚙️


(No reviews yet) Write a Review