~8-9" SOLD (PRICE DROP) Presumed Female GFP Mel Albino with Frostbite

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Hatch Date May 20, 2022

Mom - "Dusty" was sold to me from Genevie Hartlieb with Happy Hart Axolotls as an All-Het Melanoid raised from eggs from Christina Rehders with 3OH3 Axolotls but produced by Mikaela Thebarge. Apon recieving her I realized she was a Subtle Mosaic. After she bred to my All-Het boy in this breeding we found out she is not hey Axanthic, perhaps due to her being a Mosaic?? But her parents were.. Mom - from Lloyd Strohls lines. Dad - "Pennywise" from her local breeder. 

Dad - "Swiss" GFP All-Het Mel Albino. Mom- "Strawberry Wine" she was GFP and fr my "Strawberry" all-het Mel Leucy and "Banana" my GFP Dirty Leucy from Hawaiian Axolotls. Dad- "Kevin" he is owned by Mindy Plake purched from here and raised from eggs we received from Northern Axolotls " Platinum" and "Marcus" who have also been know to produce Hypomelanistics too. 

This pair made all Mel combos except Axanthic and Hypomelanistic. Both GFP and Non. This pair also gave me my very first Split Mosaic I named "Cruella". There were also a few Subtle Mosaics in this clutch as well. 

This specific Axolotl is a presumed Female, Not guaranteed, but looking that way. "She" has what is known as frostbite all over. Those are little white dots all over "her" body. Also there is a chance this one could be Homozygous Copper as well. Test breeding will determine that. When buying any at this size order must be placed no later than Thursday to shipthe following Monday since it isbigger and needs more time to fast before shipping. We ship all out Axolotls FedEx overnight even though the site shows USPS Priority Express. This is by my discretion for safest delivery. This Axolotl has been eating the European Nightcrawlers and Salmon pellets we offer for sale every day. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review