~8-9" SOLD Super Dirty Leucy Male

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Hatch date: April 25, 2022

We received these as eggs from Rocky Mountain Axolotls (Heather Leacock)

Mom - "Citrine" her Light Golden Albino or otherwise known as a "Rose Golden" she is het Leucy raised by Jenn's Axolotls and produced by West Florida Axolotls & Exotics - mom- GFP Mel het Axanthic and dad- GFP Golden Albino het Leucy

Dad - " Sunny" her GFP Leucy het Melanoid and Albino & possibly everything else raised by Jenn's Axolotls and produced by me (The Mottled Lotl) mom- "Strawberry" my dirty dark gilled Mel Leucy All-Het and dad- "Banana" a GFP Dirty Leucy het Albino from Hawaiian Axolotls.

This clutch has produced several Mosaics, mostly GFP Mosaics and super rare for ones as well that have the GFP starting in the organs. There were split GFP, Mottled GFP and a couple the had GFP in the organs and webbed its way up the body,. There were also visably Mottled Mosaics as well. There are Dirty Leucies, Golden Albinos, White Albinos, and Wild-Types in this clutch as well. GFP and Non.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review