~9" MALE Mel MAC Holdback (Sold)

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Laid January 1, 2023 

Hatched January 16, 2023

These babies have inherited the Really Long Gills gene and lots of good genetics. They are eating a diet of live black worms, and live white worms at the moment, but can be switched to cut up European Nightcrawlers and Salmon Pellets easily. 

♀️Mom - "Cool Whip" - a known Mel Axanthic Albino, but possibly homozygous Hypomelanistic and Copper as well, she is also het White (Leucy) from mom- "Kevin" my All-Het MAC from my "Strawberry" and "Cafe Mocha" clutch and "Stark" and All-het Mel from Stress in a Box. When I say All-het I include Hypomelanistic 

♂️ Dad - "Dee Snider" - a RLG Mel Axanthic Leucy het Copper Hogs and Lotls Breeder (Emilie Myatt) from her {"Leviathan" a light Copper Axanthic male from Kloudnine Axolotls (Jennifer Barton) mom Wild-Type from Micheal Dommer (mom Leucy & dad Copper) dad Mel Copper from Twin Cities (Brenda  Williams)} and her {"Roxanne " a light Axanthic female from Sandy Brown , mom Albino, dad GFP Axanthic}


(No reviews yet) Write a Review