~9" SOLD Presumed Female Super Duper Dirty Leucy HOLDBACK RELEASE

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Picture is of the Actual one, updated July 9th, 2024

Hatch Date November 14, 2023

♀️ "Raspberry" a dark pigmented Leucy produced by us here at The Mottled Lotl. She is het Mel, Axanthic Albino and 50% chance for Hypomelanistic
Mom- "Strawberry" a dark gilled dirty Mel Leucy het everything but Hypomelanistic we received from Brittany June Holster
Dad- "Cafe Mocha" a Wild-Type het all but Albino from Northern Axolotls "Alexander" and "Rose" this pairing has also produced some very dark pigmented Leucies and some gorgeous Hypomelanistics.

♂️ "Scribbles" a dark pigmented Leucy het Axanthic and Melanoid
Mom- "Blueberry Pied" a very dark pigmented Leucy aka Piebald owned by "Brianna Allman" het Albino. She got her from a person who received her from a breeder in Kentucky with only a hatch date of May 2021.
Dad- "Gru" a Super Dirty Leucy produced by Orion's Axolotls and owned by "Mindy Plake" het all but Hypomelanistic. His mom is called "Asteroid" a dirty Leucy with a big black spot on her head received from a local person in Florida. His dad is called "Leviathan " a dirty Leucy she purchased from West Florida Axolotls & Exotics but was produced by Jennifer Barton with KloudNine Axolotls February, 2019 leucy clutch. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review