~4-5" Mel Axanthic

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We received these cuties as eggs sent from CB Axolotls (Christina Thompson)

Hatch date - 2-14-24

♂️ "Toffee" a MAC het Axanthic, Copper, Albino and White produced by Happy Hart Axolotls (Genevie Hartleib)

Mom - "Enchantress" Golden Albino all-het from Lone Wolf Lotls (Marilyn Devereaux) mom - "Michief" MAC het Albino that she got as a rescue off Craigslist in North Dakota, dad - "Mayhem" a White Albino het Copper and Mel from Taneka from Florida 

Dad - "Lester", a Melanoid produced by The Mottled Lotl All-het. mom- "Sunbeam" a GFP White Albino produced by Northern Axolotls "Sunshine" a Melanoid Albino male and "Feathers" a Golden Albino female. She is sisters to her Split Mosaic "Pride and Joy" and to her "Beast" dad-"Snickers" a MAC produced by Strohl Herptiles penta-het GFP Starburst Wild-Type female and his MAC male

♀️"Rapunzel" long gilled Mel Axanthic Leucy produced by Hog & Lotl Breeders (Emilie Myatt).

Dad- Copper Axanthic from Kloud Nine Axolotls (mom wild- type from Micheal Dommer(mom- Leucy, dad- Copper) dad - Mel Copper from Twin Cities Axolotls)

Mom - Axanthic from Sandy Brown  (mom Albino, dad GFP Axanthic). She is het Copper.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review