Shipping & Refunds

Axolotl Shipping & Refunds

How do we package an axolotl?  Watch How we ship an axolotl HERE: 

Our beloved axolotls are delicately and securely placed into an appropriate-sized clear fish bag, filled 1/3 with water and 2/3 with air, then for good measure we double bag it then we wrap it in a cushion of newsprint paper and place it into a well-styrolined box along with an ice pack. Your shipment goes out with us being the last and latest pick-up of the day so the package is in the hands of the FedEx people as short a time as is possible. You will receive delivery of your axolotl on Tuesday, usually by 12 noon.
*NO Axolotls will be shipped to states where it is illegal to own/import them (California, Maine, New Jersey, and New Mexico). We do not ship outside of the continental US.


By placing an order with us you are subject to the information provided below. We do our best to accommodate any special requests, please message us with any questions you may have.
SHIPPING CHANGES NOTICE:  Due to service unreliability and disruptions, we may at our sole discretion, ship your order using an alternative carrier such as FedEx in order to most safely get your order delivered to you. 
Shipping may be delayed at our sole discretion due to severe weather, holiday, supply chain and inventory issues.
Priority Mail Delivery Warning.

Live Arrival Axolotl Guarantee: 

ONLY express overnight shipping has our guaranteed Live Arrival Coverage.
If you take a risk by and try to save a little money by choosing priority shipping, we cannot guarantee live arrival due to the extreme delays some regular priority mail shipments are experiencing.
The USPS itself has removed its delivery timeframe guarantees.

Until conditions on delivery improve within the USPS,
We HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend investing a little more in the shipping and choosing Express Overnight shipping when purchasing live worms!

However, at our discretion, we may in ship your order via FedEx due to service issues with the Postal Service.

If they do not make the trip and you had it shipped Express Overnight, you must send us clear pictures in the original unopened bag within 1 hour of delivery.
In the event of a covered loss, you will have the choice of a replacement or a 100% refund (shipping is not included in the refund).

ALL Axolotls ship the next Monday after purchase.

Axolotls 3 to 5 inches have to be ordered NO later than Saturday so they can fast properly to be ready to ship by overnight service on Monday.


Axolotls 6 inches and above need to be ordered NO later than Thursday for Monday shipment.

Axolotl Shipping: At our discretion, we may in ship your order via FedEx due to service issues with the Postal Service. All axolotl orders are sent every Monday via overnight delivery. Your purchases will be separated from the rest of the stock once ordered and not fed until they ship. This prevents them from fowling the water in the shipping bag as much as possible. All Axolotls will be shipped in well insulated in a styro-lined box with an ice pack (unless your weather and ours are both going to be below 50 degrees). Every package is clearly marked “Live Fish”. Please keep an eye on your email for axolotl shipping notification.
Please feel free to message us with any questions or concerns. - Tina Heckman Call or Text (440)-289-1671