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You can now get your Axolotl's favorite food delivered monthly at up to 50% off. 

Get our exclusive high-quality, protein-rich Salmon Pellets locking in incredible savings.

Choose from: FOUR 4oz. bag/monthly for $25/mo. (50% savings), THREE 4oz. bags/monthly for $18.75/mo. (50% savings), TWO 4oz. bags/monthly for $10/mo. (40% savings), or ONE 4oz. bag/monthly for $7.50/mo. (40% savings). Cancel anytime.

Shipping: USPS First Class Mail Shipping is just $4 no matter how many you get.

Just select the number of 4 oz. bags of The Mottled Lotl Salmon Pellets you would like from the dropdown menu below, then click subscribe:

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