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Hatch Date: December 16, 2023


♀️ "Pink" Mel Copper Leucy het Axanthic

Mom- "Kevin" an All het MAC from my "Strawberry" Dark gilled dirty Mel Leucy het all but Hypo from Brittany June Holster and "Cafe Mocha" a Wild-Type het all but Albino grom Northern Axolotls Alexander and Rose.

Dad- "Stark" an All-het Mel from Stress in a Box

♂️ "Khaki" Hypo Mel Axanthic het all

Produced by Emily Hoots with Rainy Day Aquatics

Mom - "Atzi" a hexa-het wild from Northern Axolotls first All-het pairing, mom was a white Albino from Micro Aquatics Farm Pied Lines and dad was a MAC from Strohls lines.

Dad - a Hypo Mel Copper het Axanthic and Albino from her " "Galaxy" a light hypo male from Roofus Aquatics and "Mahogany" MAC from Luther's Lotls


(No reviews yet) Write a Review