Axolotls for Sale

Axolotls for Sale

Exotic Axolotls for Sale

Axolotl is a Spanish word derived from the Aztecs that has a few different translations. Our favorite is “water sprite.” With their soulful eyes and permanent smile, you will understand where that name comes from. Get ready to enjoy your own axolotl at home. The Mottled Lotl has a big selection of exotic axolotls for sale so you can choose the best one for you. We have leucistic, dirty leucy, super dirty leucy, golden albino, white albino, copper, melanoid, axanthic, mosaic, piebald, MAC, hypomelanistic, wild-types, and blends of all types, GFP (green fluorescent protein) and NON-GFP, male, female, and juveniles. Axolotls will grow and live healthy lives when given the proper care, love, and attention. These salamanders are fascinating creatures that make great pets. Check out all of our exotic axolotls for sale today and choose your favorite.

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