~4-5" Super Duper Dirty Axanthic Leucies with Pied Potential (SOLD OUT)

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Hatch Date November 14, 2023

♀️ "Raspberry" a dark pigmented Leucy produced by us here at The Mottled Lotl. She is het Mel, Axanthic Albino and 50% chance for Hypomelanistic
Mom- "Strawberry" a dark gilled dirty Mel Leucy het everything but Hypomelanistic we received from Brittany June Holster
Dad- "Cafe Mocha" a Wild-Type het all but Albino from Northern Axolotls "Alexander" and "Rose" this pairing has also produced some very dark pigmented Leucies and some gorgeous Hypomelanistics.

♂️ "Scribbles" a dark pigmented Leucy het Axanthic and Melanoid
Mom- "Blueberry Pied" a very dark pigmented Leucy aka Piebald owned by "Brianna Allman" het Albino. She got her from a person who received her from a breeder in Kentucky with only a hatch date of May 2021.
Dad- "Gru" a Super Dirty Leucy produced by Orion's Axolotls and owned by "Mindy Plake" het all but Hypomelanistic. His mom is called "Asteroid" a dirty Leucy with a big black spot on her head received from a local person in Florida. His dad is called "Leviathan " a dirty Leucy produced by Kloudnine Axolotls from a lotl named "Galaxy" she called a piebald and "Sasuke" a Copper Leucy from Duel Exotics and produced by Jennifer Watts.


(2 reviews) Write a Review

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    To cute!

    Posted by Kyla Wright on Mar 12th 2024

    I absolutely love my axies! They came really healthy and super cute thank you so much!

  • 5
    Thank you again!!

    Posted by Kacy Jenkins on Feb 1st 2024

    Beautiful baby Axolotl! Shipped nice and securely. Baby did not even seem stressed, ate right away! Tina answered my questions via text right away and was super helpful! Thanks so much and I am so happy with my service!