30 specially-grown Indian Almond Leaves

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Indian Almond Leaves
You will get 30 specially-grown Indian Almond Leaves.

Imported directly from the grower these premium Indian Almond Leaves
are 100% organically grown, cleaned, sorted, graded and pack by hand to ensure top quality.

When it comes to quality control, our Indian Almond Leaves are the result of a very strict quality control process that ensures only the best quality leaves reach the hands of our customers. These Indian Almond Leaves are guaranteed to be
free from infection, fungus and bacteria. They are clean and safe to for use in your tank.

These Indian Almond Leaves are ahead of others offered online because the trees they come from have no pesticides or contamination.
Others preserve these leaves with the use of pesticides. They were all naturally grown and the leaves were naturally fallen. The leaves are not plucked while they are still attached to the branches.

Our mission is to provide an ideal home for Axolotls.
They deserve the most natural condition which can be mimicked by the use of these tannin-related products.

These are the official Indian almond Leaves of The Mottled Lotl.
We don't sell anything on our site that we don't personally use and endorse.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review