~ 3-4" Melanoid

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Hatch date: March 4th, 2024

♀️ "Delilah" A Really Long Gilled Melanoid produced by Emily Hoots with Rainy Day Aquatics.
"Ham Scramble clutch"
Mom- "Ham" a very dark pigmented (otherwise known as a piebald) Mel Leucy.
Dad- "Aztec" a Hexa-het Wild-Type produced by Shawn Hayes with Northern Axolotls first pairing that produced all-hets. (Mom- a White Albino from Micrquatics Farm from their Pied lines and Dad- a MAC from Llyod Strohl)

♂️ "Moon Knight" a Mel Albino, possibly homozygous Copper, Hypomelanistic, and/or White (Leucy) produced here at The Mottled Lotl
Mom- "Almond Joy" an All-Het MAC with a big dark spot on her tail. (Mom- "Strawberry" our dark gilled Dirty Mel Leucy her all but Hypomelanistic from Brittany June Holster, Dad- "Cafe Mocha" our Wild-Type het all but Albino from Northern Axolotls "Alexander and Rose" pairing).
Dad - "Honey Dejon" a gfp Hypomelanistic het all but Axanthic from Marilyn Devereaux with Lone Wolf Lotls (mom-"Mackenzie" a GFP all-het Mel Copper, dad- "Penthouse Suite" a Hexa-het Mosaic.)
"Moon Knight's" clutch had some very dark pigmented Leucies in it like his brother "Cookie Crumbs".


(No reviews yet) Write a Review