~5" GFP Mottled Mosaic (SOLD)

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This Gorgeous GFP Mottled Mosaic is owned by SpinsAlotls Axolotls (Jenn Sheldon). We are selling it for her. She will be shipping it. 

It hatched 12/25/22

♀️ "Bruno" GFP Melanoid she received from us. We raised her from an egg we received from Onyxolotl (Ben Repin) mom- "Jaelen" a light Spotted Melanoid het Albino. Dad- GFP Melanoid het Axanthic and Copper raised and sold by Loxie Pets, produced by Rainy Day Aquatics (Emily Hoots) the clutch consisted of several beautiful long gilled High Xanthaphore Melanoids both GFP and Non GFP. There were a few random leucies in this clutch we suspect were Mosaics. 

♂️ "Axo" Dirty Leucy purched from Buzz and Bee's. Suspected that came from the person they bought wholesale lotls from, Steph-Alotl Axolotls. 

The clutch consisted of Melanoid, Leucies, Wild-Types a couple Subtle Mosaics and this very obvious GFP Mottled Mosaic.

Mosaics are a rare thing in Axolotls that can't be bred for. Therefore they are very valuable. 

This baby is eating a variety of different foods so will adjust well. Jenn will be the one shipping this baby to the lucky person who gets it. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review