​My goal with The Mottled Lotl

Posted by Tina Heckman www.TheMottledLotl.com on May 24th 2024

​My goal with The Mottled Lotl

  My goal with The Mottled Lotl is to make an array of different, desired and genetically-strong axolotls for sale. I am "your source for everything Axolotl" as my slogan says. But not just random axolotls. I try to make the best of the best with high quality Axolotls for great genetics for breeding and for healthy pets. 

     I take a long time designing my pairs and picking from the best. Our breeding program aims to make Axolotls as far apart in lineage as possible. I keep meticulous records of all my animals lineage obtained from where I get them and searching even farther. 

When you buy an Axolotl from me you are getting quality from the hard work I have done.

Please take the time to copy all the lineage I provide for you right on my website under Product Overview on any Axolotl you buy for your records. 

It's as if you are buying an AKC purebred dog here!!  Purebred, strong, healthy axolotls. PERIOD!