Seasoned Sponge Filters

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We ship Seasoned Media orders overnight every Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Once you receive your order, it must be put into your filled tank IMMEDIATELY!

Product Overview

Cycles your New Aquarium Tank FAST!

The hardest part to getting ready for an Axolotl is setting up your aquarium to be cycled for the Axolotl. Axolotls skin absorbs everything, so if something if off in your tank levels that can make them sick or even cause death. It is especially important to get your aquarium cycled before putting you Axolotls in it.
Get your tank cycled fast by using our Seasoned Sponge Filters.  Our special Seasoned Filters comes ready with all the friendly bacteria your new tank needs to become a safely cycled tank ready to go weeks earlier than by using traditional methods.  Save time & buy a Seasoned Sponge Filter.  Consider getting 2 filters as it will help cycle your tank even faster (perhaps as much as 85% faster)!
Our seasoned sponge filters can be used alongside our Seasoned MEDIA Filters for the fastest cycling possible. 

All filters come with specially seasoned sponge, air lines, suction cup and check valve. Air pump bubblers are also available.

It is recommended that you get 2 filters for fastest results. Reduce the time it takes to cycle your tank by as much as 85%.  Reduce it EVEN more by using these along with our Seasoned MEDIA Filters.

Express shipping is required to maintain live bacteria in the filter media. 

Seasoned Filters MUST be specially shipped via Express Mail in special thermal-lined boxes with sufficient ice packs to protect them from damage in the mail and ensure their safe delivery.

However, at our discretion, we may in ship your order via FedEx Overnight delivery due to occassional service issues with the Postal Service.

To order additional items, simply come back to our website and order them separately.

All other items you order separately will ship via Priority Mail (unless we deem FedEx Overnight to be safest).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review