Axolotl Weighted SUPER Plushie PINK (Leucy) - TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT!

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Product Overview

This plush is the "plushiest" hand-made axolotl plushie you can find!

This measures a whopping 26 inches (over 2 feet!) from head to tail and weighing a very cuddly 4 pounds!

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Our realistic axolotl plush provides a sense of comfort and calmness in times of anxiety or nervousness. Weighted plushies are scientifically proven to help children with adhd and autism. While we don't make any claims as to it's effect on adhd or autism, we do know that this is the "plushiest", most lovable axoltol plushie ever!

AND ...
every purchase helps the environment and then some!!!
For EVERY plushie sold:
#1. 10 trees will be planted because of your plushie purchase today!
#2. 50% of the profit is donated to youth programs.

100% Money Back Guaranteed if not delighted with your Axolotl Super Large Plushie!

26" long x 7" wide x 6" high

4 lbs.

Warranty Information

30-Day Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review